Damien Sandow: Uncrowned World Champion?

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Damien Sandow had the whole plan figured out. It looked like he had done enough damage before cashing in on John Cena on Monday night Raw. He was vicious and smartly targeted Cena’s recently repaired Triceps. But, after an absolute war between the two, Sandow was the first Money in the Bank holder to be pinned after cashing in. So, was this a huge mistake by the creative team or was it a blessing in disguise?

Sandow’s character is based around being intelligent. He parades that intelligence and sees himself as well above the ‘unwashed masses’. So, it seemed like it would be impossible him for not to be successful in cashing in? Well, he probably would have been a champion against anyone except… SuperCena!!! For years John Cena has overcome adversity in matches to miraciously win and on Raw was just another example. Most people should have seen it coming but I don’t think it will hurt Sandow too much in the long run.

The WWE wasn’t going to have John Cena come back reasonably early to win the title and just lose it. But, I don’t see John Cena holding the title past this year. Damien Sandow will get his chance at the title and after Cena defeats Alberto del Rio at Survivor Series. Similar to Cena losing the WWE title to Sheamus in a table match, I see Sandow outsmarting the Cenation leader in a tables match at the TLC PPV.

Would love to hear your opinion on the match and how you think Sandow can recover from this loss.


WWE NXT Review 11 July 2013

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Welcome to another review of the home of the young talent… NXT! This aired last night in Australia so I’m going to give you the results and a few thoughts on the superstars and matches for this weeks episode. So, lets get underway!!


Semi-final NXT Divas Championship match: Summer Rae vs Emma

Emma wins this match with a massive upset and Summer Rae attacks from behind before Paige makes the save. Both Divas had some offence in this match with Emma using a unique offence while Summer Rae uses her long legs to her advantage. I must admit I have a soft spot for Emma because she is from Australia, where I’m also from. However, it seems that I’m not the only fan of her as the fans definitely seem to get into her dancing and the bubbles. I could see her with that gimmick on the main roster eventually because it gets the younger audience involved.


Bayley talks to Dusty Rhodes and she is a strange character. I really don’t get it at all. However, it does lead to the introduction of the Nature Boy and his daughter Charlotte. Looks like Charlotte vs Bayley next week.


Sami Zayn vs Leo Kruger:




The crowd chant ‘Ole’ during the match to pay homage to Zayn’s indie character ‘El Generico’ which was a nice touch. Everyone knows how good Sami Zayn is but the two styles really worked in this match. Zayn used his speed and Kruger used his power including a brutal spinebuster that even Arn Anderson would be proud of! The finish to the match was exciting with a lot of false finishes but in the end Leo Kruger got the win with an arm lock. Impressive effort from both superstars here!!


Adrian Neville, Corey Graves and William Regal has to be one of the most unique teams I’ve ever seen. A high flyer, a technician and a brawler all in the one team. It is unique but also could work. Their interview was entertaining but sent a message to the Wyatt Family very effectively.


Mason Ryan vs Enzo Amore and Colin Cassidy:

Mason Ryan beat both guys in single competition last week and now he faces them in a handicap match. Enzo Amore is another unique persona in NXT. He is different and that is good to see. Cassidy doesn’t get a chance on the mic but he is an impressive figure. Amore and Cassidy get the win after a leg chop by Amore leads to Cassidy falling on Ryan and getting the 3 count.


Dusty Rhodes announces Number 1 contender match Cesaro vs Kruger vs Zayn. That match is going to be amazing!!!


The Wyatt Family vs William Regal, Corey Graves and Adrian Neville




After the Wyatt Family debuted on Raw this week it is interesting to see them on NXT considering this was filmed weeks ago. I’m looking forward to seeing how they develop on Raw in the coming months. It is always good to see William Regal in a wrestling ring because he is so underrated. He is able to work the crowd and comes from a time when superstars were able to be effective both as a heel and face, unlike some current superstars (Alberto del Rio I’m looking at you!)

The match ebbs and flows with Adrian Neville being used as the dummy for punishment, a role he does very well. He makes the hot tag to William Regal and brings the crowd back into the match. Adrian Neville uses some high flying to take out Rowan before Wyatt uses his finisher to take out Regal and win the match for his team.

So there you have it folks. Another great NXT which had a heavy focus on wrestling and less about character development which was a change from past episodes. I’m looking forward to the triple threat match next week and to see how Ric Flair’s daughter goes in the ring!

Until then,



Is Rob van Dam the answer?

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With the return of the whole f’n show Rob van Dam (cue hand movements) in a weeks time at Money in the Bank, I will look at whether all the hype is really worth it.

Before I analyse it too much, I’ve always liked RVD. He wasn’t my favourite wrestler but growing up during the time when he was at the peak of his powers I was able to respect how he risked his body to entertain the fans. However, people need to realise that he is now nearly 43. He simply can’t do the things he was doing in the WWE 10 years ago.

Having watched his time in TNA he has slowed down considerably and almost looked like he was going through the motions. Was this because of his age or was it because he was comfortable in TNA and didn’t need to take risks? I think it was a bit of both. Now that he is coming back to WWE, he has a point to prove and it will be interesting to watch how much he can deliver in Philadelphia on July 14. Being in the ring with some of the best workers in Daniel Bryan, CM Punk and the underrated Kane and Christian will certainly allow him to be less nervous about his return.

Overall, while I’m excited to see what the WWE has in store for ‘Mr Monday Night’, I don’t see him hanging around for too long, maybe until Wrestlemania. With him coming back, I was hoping for a return from the likes of Shelton Benjamin and John Morrison but it does not look like the case for now. I’m interested to see everyone else’s opinion on the return of RVD so if you could answer my poll or leave a comment that would be much appreciated.

Until next time,


WWE NXT Review 6 June 2013

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Welcome to whoever actually comes across this to my blog and my new review on the latest NXT episode which airs on Australia on Thursday afternoons. I’m going to start doing regular reviews so check back here after most shows (Raw, Smackdown, Impact and NXT) for all the results and my thoughts on what went down. Let’s get underway!!

Contract Signing for NXT Championship match




The show kicks of with Hall of Famer Jim Ross who is always good to see and it is still a shame that he is not a full-time commentator. Bo Dallas is out first followed by the champ, Big E Langston. I’m not sold on Bo Dallas as a performer. He looks goofy and he just doesn’t have very good mic skills. On the other hand, Big E talks with intensity, conviction and he is entertaining.

The contract signing itself was pretty tame as Bo talked about how he was jealous of the life Big E has and next week he was going on to bigger and better things. Big E then made fun of Bo Dallas calling him a geek and a mommas boy. Pretty week start to the show.


Interview with Corey Graves:

Corey Graves talks about how he is going to take down the Wyatt Family and win the tag team titles even if his partner, Kassius Ohno, has to stand on the apron.

I think Corey Graves will be a star sooner rather than later. He has the tattoos of CM Punk and the intensity of Daniel Bryan. Look out for him to be on the main roster by at least Wrestlemania next year.

Promo airs for Paige:

Wow Paige is different to any other diva that WWE has at the moment and I think that works in her favour. The scary part is that she is only 20-years-old so I think she is a definite future Divas Champion.

NXT Women’s Championship Qualifying match: Tamina Snuka vs Paige:




Fairly typical match with Tamina Snuka dominating and Paige winning with a roll-up after countering the superfly splash. The ‘Diva of Tomorrow’ moves forward in the tournament.


Kassius Ohno interview:

Kassius has a pretty similar interview to Corey Graves and I like everything about Ohno. I know he has travelled around the world on the Indy scenes, including featuring a cameo on Border Security in Australia (check that out here if you get a chance), but I like the character he has in NXT and despite his age may have a good run on the main roster, possibly even feuding with his old tag team partner Antonio Cesaro.


Leo Kruger Promo Package:

His South African accent is really off putting and he is certainly a weird character. I find it very strange that they have promo packages for superstars who have been on NXT for months and were even some of the top stars. I feel like they should be promoting the new stars coming through and who they actually are. That way, the fans can get behind them or at least boo them for a reason.

Mason Ryan vs Colin Cassidy:

Mason Ryan is a beast and it looks like he has improved since disappearing after being in the New Nexus. His build seems to have changed as well. He looks huge but more defined. This was basically a squash match and he wins with a torture rack into a neckbreaker.

Sami Zayn interview:

Ole! The former El-Generico talks about how he beat Curt Hawkins and Cesaro in the one night. Cesaro interrupts and they get into an argument which leads to an altercation between the two after Zayn comments on Antonio’s man-purse. (It’s a satchel Sami, Indiana Jones wears one!!!)


Alex Riley vs Conor O’Brian:

Wow how far has Alex Riley fallen?! Two years ago he was accompanying The Miz at Wrestlemania and now he is on a random episode of NXT. On a side note, I really enjoy Brad Maddox as a commentator he is highly entertaining. Anyway,  O’Brian wins with a very unique submission move and then a random elf looking man appears on the ramp to yell with Conor O’Brian.


NXT Tag Team Championship match: Wyatt Family (c) vs Ohno & Graves

Harper and Rowan are genuinely scary looking dudes. They are big and have impressive beards. Also, for a team that doesn’t like each other, Ohno and Graves have matching outfits which I thought was funny. The Wyatt family win an entertaining match after the attack from behind by Bray Wyatt on Kassius Ohno.

The main event saved it slightly because this week there was not a lot of wrestling and lots of interviews and promo packages. I’m looking forward to Big E vs Bo Dallas next week. Check back in the next couple of days and I’ll have my Smackdown review.

Until then,



The real Slammy award winners:

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This post will only look at the awards which I believe should have been different. If they are not featured on this post then I agree with them or there were no other better options.

Feat of Strength of the Year:  Sheamus delivers White Noise to Big Show

Cesaro was the rightful winner of this award for his unbelievable strength when using the Neutraliser on Brodus Clay.

Best Dancer: Brodus Clay

Personally seeing Rosa Mendes dancing on the ropes is 100% better than a grown man dancing like a dinosaur. Just my personal opinion anyway!


Superstar of the Year: John Cena



This meme basically sums up the ideas of the younger wrestling community. I know that they are young but how CM Punk who was a face for half the year and held the WWE title for the whole year did not win makes absolutely no sense. Changing the voting over to the WWE ‘universe’ allowed CM Punk to continue to demand for respect and build to his match against The Great One, The Rock.

It’s TLC time!!

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The annual TLC PPV takes place tomorrow and I am looking forward to it a lot. Despite CM Punk not being able to compete, the unpredictable nature of the types of matches involved with the PPV means that we could be in for the best event this year. This post will look at each match and who I think will win and why.

Well, let’s get underway!!!


‘Santa’s Helper” Number 1 contender battle royal:

The YouTube pre-show will feature a battle royal to determine the number 1 contender for Eve’s Divas Championship. Initially the favourite for me would have been AJ but she was quickly removed from the battle royal. So, the most obvious choices would be the two former challengers Kaitlyn and Layla. Kaitlyn had a few chances, as did Layla but I think that Kaitlyn will come out victorious by eliminating Tamina last.

Winner and number 1 contender: Kaitlyn


Number 1 Contender table match: Mysterio & Cara vs Rhodes Scholars

After Rhodes Scholars won a fatal four-way tag team match, they will now face the team of Mysterio and Sin Cara in a tables match. While the whole build-up will be on Rhodes moustache (sarcasm), this match will be a great opener if given the chance. Damien Sandow has the ability to be a top star for years to come and the high-flying offence of Mysterio & Cara will make sure this match will keep people on the edge of their seats. However, when the final rings Rhodes Scholars will be victorious and go on to face Team Hell No in the very near future.

Winners and number 1 contenders: Team Rhodes Scholars


United States Championship match: Antonio Cesaro vs R-Truth

Antonio Cesaro will put his United States title up against Little Jimmy’s buddy R-Truth.

This match will be short and sweet with the focus being on other matches. The fact that there is no stipulation for this match also detracts from its excitement factor. If it had been added as a tables match then it could have been more exciting and get people pumped to see it. Antonio Cesaro has said that no American will beat him for the title and that will be true for now as Cesaro will defeat R-Truth with the Neutraliser.

Winner and still United States Champion: Antonio Cesaro


Intercontinental Championship match: Kofi Kingston vs Wade Barrett

Wade Barrett will attempt to re-create history by winning the Intercontinental from Kofi Kingston. Barrett’s one and only title run began last year when he defeated Kofi Kingston. Barrett has slowly regained the momentum he had with his ‘Barrett Barrage’ before he was injured. However, he could be well and truly back on track if can defeat Kingston and win his second Intercontinental championship.

Despite Barrett needing the win and the title, I think Kofi will get the win here as he has been shown to have more intensity and has acted less fun-loving in recent weeks. This is why I believe that Kofi won’t lose his title just yet.

Winner and still Intercontinental Champion: Kofi Kingston


World Heavyweight Championship match (Chairs match): Big Show vs Sheamus

This match is where the biggest upset will come from. Everyone expects Big Show to win since he has been booked as a monster heel,  Sheamus needs to win the title otherwise it will take away from his booking similar to Super Cena in previous months.

Sheamus has slowly added more intensity to his character since beginning his feud with Big Show and I like the change. His happy, not caring attitude was boring and borderline annoying. However, with talks of the Wrestlemania World Title match being between Sheamus and Randy Orton, it would make sense for Sheamus to win the title at TLC with a barrage (sorry Wade) of chair shots.

Winner and new World Heavyweight Champion: Sheamus


Ladder Match for the World Heavyweight Championship MITB briefcase: John Cena vs Dolph Ziggler

This match scares me, a lot! As a massive Dolph Ziggler fan, the thought of John Cena standing on top of the ladder with the briefcase almost brings me to tears. This match is basically to push the feud between AJ and Vickie Guerrero but there is a small part of me that thinks John Cena might win this match. However, when I get that thought I realise that it would make no sense for Cena to win if he is going to be involved with the Rock and CM Punk around Wrestlemania season. I don’t think the winner will cash in at TLC so Dolph Ziggler will hold onto the briefcase for another night.

Winner and still Mr Money in the Bank: Dolph Ziggler


Tables, Ladders and Chairs match (TLC): Team Hell No & Ryback vs The Shield

This is the match which I believe will go on last. It seems unheard of that a superstars first match is in the main event of a PPV, but that is what is in store for The Shield. The three NXT upstarts, as Michael Cole calls them, have a lot to live up to from the beginning. Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose are internet darlings and Roman Reigns has plenty of potential according to the higher powers. On the other side of the ring, Team Hell No have been gradually getting along and Ryback has been the biggest thing in 2012.  Something has to give and I think I have the answer.

The Shield cannot lose this match and neither can Ryback so Daniel Bryan has to take the pinfall. This would then allow Ryback to look good and lead to the demise of Team Hell No which Team Rhodes Scholars would capitalise on in their tag title match down the line. So the PPV will end with The Shield standing tall, possibly with a new member who may help them tomorrow night.

Winners: The Shield

Well that is my predictions for the TLC PPV. Check back later in the week for a Raw review and a special opinion piece where I pick my winners for the Slammys.

Peace out!


My top 10 WWE current wrestlers:

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For my first actual post I decided that I would give you a rundown of my top 10 favourite wrestlers currently on television. To be included on this list, the person has to be an active competitor. With the rules for choosing my top 10 explained, let’s get the countdown underway.

10:  Darren Young

As one half of the Primetime Playas, Darren Young plays his character to perfection. I love his charisma and dancing with tag partner Titus O’Neil. Going from CM Punk’s rookie on NXT to a part of the Nexus before ending up on the never-ending NXT Redemption, Darren Young has taken it in his stride and come out the other side smelling like roses. Not only are the PTP future tag team champions but Darren Young with his current character has the ability, in my opinion, to be a solid United States or IC champ.

9: Wade Barrett

The British Brawler has always impressed me since his debut as Chris Jericho’s rookie in the original NXT season. After winning NXT he was able to reach lofty heights almost instantly with one of the most innovative storylines in recent years with the Nexus. While the Nexus angle fizzled out because they lost at Summerslam, Barrett was still looked good. After an uneventful run with the IC title, Barrett had a great feud with Randy Orton. An injury ruined his Wrestlemania dream but he has returned with a more aggressive side. I personally like the new character and his new finisher the Bullhammer and it will lead to him being a World Champ.

8: The Miz

I’m not yet sold on The Miz as a face. He was so good as a cocky, arrogant heel that it is hard to adjust from seeing The Miz as that persona. The change, however, has let fans embrace his catchphrase which always seemed to suit a face. The thing that separates Miz from everyone else is that he was a reality star. This is a burden and a help for the Miz. People question his motives to get involved in wrestling but I think his in-ring work has improved drastically and he should be commended for that. He has worked hard and I respect him for that. I have no doubt that The Miz will once again be an AWESOME WWE Champion.

7: Zack Ryder

What a horrible year it has been for Zack Ryder. After ending last year with a ton of momentum, Ryder found himself as a crash test dummy for Kane and his mission to make John Cena ’embrace the hate’. However, while Ryder was getting destroyed physically by Kane and mentally by Eve, he was being featured on Raw. Since that storyline and Wrestlemania 28, Ryder has been barely seen. Ryder has the ability to possibly make it as a top guy but his goofy character is holding him back. The WWE make a lot of money off his merchandise so Ryder, like Cena, may have to settle for the guy who sells merchandise.

6. Cody Rhodes

Cody Rhodes has come a long way since being tag team champion with Hardcore Holly. His first heel turn and teaming with Ted Dibiase to form Legacy was the first stepping stone in his career. Being able to feud with DX and top stars because of Randy Orton helped Cody a lot. Many thought that Ted Dibiase would be the star out of the two but that would not be the case. An unfortunate accident where Rhodes broke his nose actually improved his character and led to him going on his first major run as a singles competitor. That run helped me see how good Rhodes was on the mic and the bags on the heads was a great touch. Cody will be a world champ and I believe it will be before the end of 2013.

5. Ryback

The moment above when Ryback shellshocked CM Punk was when I realised that Ryback was the real deal. Throughout the early days of his time there were constant chants of Goldberg, obviously due to the similarities between the two. However, when Ryback led the Feed Me More chants on this occasion it was deafening and the crowd was going crazy. While Ryback still has a lot to go to win a world championship, he is well on his way to being a major star and no one is going to get in his way!

4.Damien Sandow

Damien Sandow will be a star, no doubt about it. His character is something that is fresh and he plays it to perfection. His ability on the microphone and the little things he does in the ring are hilarious like his cart-wheel after a match. For him to fail in his first run with WWE either shows how much he has improved or how great the character of the intellectual is in today’s roster. Triple H is a big fan of Sandow and look for him and Cody Rhodes to be tag team champions when Rhodes returns from injury.

3. Daniel Bryan

Daniel Bryan has great comedic timing. His partnership with Kane has done wonders for his career and he is now one of the top guys in the company. His World title run was entertaining but since losing it he has gone on to bigger and better things. The anger management skits were some of the best comedy the WWE has done in years and Daniel Bryan was a big part of their success. I see Team Hell No eventually falling apart and feuding, possibly at Wrestlemania before Bryan goes on back to the main event scene.

2. CM Punk

The 27th of June was the day CM Punk became a star. The ‘shoot’ on the WWE will forever be known as his moment of shining but his work as the leader of the Straight Edge Society is heavily underrated. His mic work has always been outstanding and in the ring, he can truly lay claim to the title of ‘Best in the World’. The buzz surrounding his win at Money in the Bank 2011 allowed Punk to go on a great run which led to his title win at Survivor Series 2011, a title he has held ever since. The ability to be both a face and heel in one title run is amazing and shows how good he really is in the ring and on the mic. The injury to his knee is unfortunate and hopefully it won’t keep him out for too long.

1. Dolph Ziggler

Dolph Ziggler is the perfect performer in my eyes. He is great in the ring and has improved dramatically on the mic in the last year as you can see with his segment with Mick Foley above. It was intense and made people stop and listen. Dolph has the embarrassing record with his first World title run where he held the title for 11 minutes. However, now that he is Mr Money in the Bank, there is hope that he can have a good run with the World title. His ability to take a bump separates him from the rest. If you want to see what I mean watch the 2012 Survivor Series match and the monkey flip he takes from Kofi Kingston. He makes a monkey flip look brutal. I am looking forward to the ladder match against John Cena at TLC and seeing him steal the show again!

That’s all for today folks I’ll be back in the next couple of days possibly with a review of NXT from this week.

Until then,