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Damien Sandow: Uncrowned World Champion?

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Damien Sandow had the whole plan figured out. It looked like he had done enough damage before cashing in on John Cena on Monday night Raw. He was vicious and smartly targeted Cena’s recently repaired Triceps. But, after an absolute war between the two, Sandow was the first Money in the Bank holder to be pinned after cashing in. So, was this a huge mistake by the creative team or was it a blessing in disguise?

Sandow’s character is based around being intelligent. He parades that intelligence and sees himself as well above the ‘unwashed masses’. So, it seemed like it would be impossible him for not to be successful in cashing in? Well, he probably would have been a champion against anyone except… SuperCena!!! For years John Cena has overcome adversity in matches to miraciously win and on Raw was just another example. Most people should have seen it coming but I don’t think it will hurt Sandow too much in the long run.

The WWE wasn’t going to have John Cena come back reasonably early to win the title and just lose it. But, I don’t see John Cena holding the title past this year. Damien Sandow will get his chance at the title and after Cena defeats Alberto del Rio at Survivor Series. Similar to Cena losing the WWE title to Sheamus in a table match, I see Sandow outsmarting the Cenation leader in a tables match at the TLC PPV.

Would love to hear your opinion on the match and how you think Sandow can recover from this loss.


Getting to know Jake Bull

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Hi everyone if you are reading this you have made your way onto my wrestling blog! Congrats to you! This blog will be all about wrestling including reviews of wrestling shows and PPVs and general thoughts on storylines and wrestlers. Before I get underway I’ll give you a bit of background on me.

I’m a 19-year-old wrestling fan from Sydney Australia. I have been following wrestling since I was 7 when I would borrow videos of PPVs from the video store which got me hooked. I began watching WWE on TV in 2002 and have been a massive fan ever since. While most people would say the Attitude Era would be their favourite era, I actually find the Ruthless Aggression Era is my favourite as it was when I really got into wrestling.

The current product is not as good as it could be, that is a topic for another time, but I continue to watch it and love it regardless of the quality of the product. I occasionally watch TNA and have become more invested in it recently with the Aces & Eights storyline and the quality of wrestling consistently.

Well that is all for now, I hope to keep you informed and entertained so that you keep coming back. I’ll be looking to post at least once a week so get ready because, sorry Miz, it’s going to be AWWWESSOMMEE!!!!