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Is Rob van Dam the answer?

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With the return of the whole f’n show Rob van Dam (cue hand movements) in a weeks time at Money in the Bank, I will look at whether all the hype is really worth it.

Before I analyse it too much, I’ve always liked RVD. He wasn’t my favourite wrestler but growing up during the time when he was at the peak of his powers I was able to respect how he risked his body to entertain the fans. However, people need to realise that he is now nearly 43. He simply can’t do the things he was doing in the WWE 10 years ago.

Having watched his time in TNA he has slowed down considerably and almost looked like he was going through the motions. Was this because of his age or was it because he was comfortable in TNA and didn’t need to take risks? I think it was a bit of both. Now that he is coming back to WWE, he has a point to prove and it will be interesting to watch how much he can deliver in Philadelphia on July 14. Being in the ring with some of the best workers in Daniel Bryan, CM Punk and the underrated Kane and Christian will certainly allow him to be less nervous about his return.

Overall, while I’m excited to see what the WWE has in store for ‘Mr Monday Night’, I don’t see him hanging around for too long, maybe until Wrestlemania. With him coming back, I was hoping for a return from the likes of Shelton Benjamin and John Morrison but it does not look like the case for now. I’m interested to see everyone else’s opinion on the return of RVD so if you could answer my poll or leave a comment that would be much appreciated.

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Getting to know Jake Bull

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Hi everyone if you are reading this you have made your way onto my wrestling blog! Congrats to you! This blog will be all about wrestling including reviews of wrestling shows and PPVs and general thoughts on storylines and wrestlers. Before I get underway I’ll give you a bit of background on me.

I’m a 19-year-old wrestling fan from Sydney Australia. I have been following wrestling since I was 7 when I would borrow videos of PPVs from the video store which got me hooked. I began watching WWE on TV in 2002 and have been a massive fan ever since. While most people would say the Attitude Era would be their favourite era, I actually find the Ruthless Aggression Era is my favourite as it was when I really got into wrestling.

The current product is not as good as it could be, that is a topic for another time, but I continue to watch it and love it regardless of the quality of the product. I occasionally watch TNA and have become more invested in it recently with the Aces & Eights storyline and the quality of wrestling consistently.

Well that is all for now, I hope to keep you informed and entertained so that you keep coming back. I’ll be looking to post at least once a week so get ready because, sorry Miz, it’s going to be AWWWESSOMMEE!!!!